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Resources – Get Involved

BIG RESOURCES LIST FOR BLM This includes resources for donations, guides, and protestors, and much more


General List:


Our Discord server is open to share resources, ask for support, and discuss current happenings:

Our friends at WPI’s Diversity and Games club are also doing their part to help share resources, provide a safe space to discuss current happenings and ask questions.

IGDA WPI is a chapter in an international organization. There are many great resources for the game dev community coming from IGDA HQ, and we encourage you to check them out here:

Message from IGDA WPI President, Summer 2020:

Hello everyone

I am going to try to keep this as brief as possible. These are incredibly trying times, as we all know. In the past couple of months, 2020 has become a disgusting year filled with violence, hate, and intolerable acts against humanity. But more importantly, it is another year where intolerable acts of racism persist, and this MUST come to an end. Enough is enough. If you are reading this, chances are it is from the comfort of your home, and with the privilege to safely view this message. If you are not, then this message will be a call to action to everyone in the server to help you, and millions of other American lives. Below are links to how you can help the Black Lives Matter movement. This is a moral turning point in this country, and to stand idly will not be enough. We pride ourselves in our community and how we will support each other with positivity and respect. What is currently occurring in our country is UNACCEPTABLE, and we hope you all feel the same.