IMGD Class of 2020 Celebration

In honor of our awesome IMGD Class of 2020

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Thanks for celebrating virtually with us!



Special thanks to all the amazing people who worked tirelessly to make this moment possible:

Virtual Commencement Speaker

  • Jean King, WPI Dean of Arts & Sciences
  • Minecraft Skin made by Gillian Smith

Minecraft Map Builders

  • Kate Olguin
  • Grant Ferguson
  • Jordan Cattelona

Custom Skinning Process

  • Ralph Sutter (

Live Stream Music

  • Keith Zizza (

Live Stream Setup

  • Dean O’Donnell

Faculty Speech Planning

  • Jennifer deWinter
  • Allison Darling

Camera Minecraft Accounts

Highlight Reel Music

In-Game Photographer

  • Laurie Mazza

In-Game FX, Highlight Reel

  • Mikel Matticoli


And all the IMGD Faculty for their engagement and support!



This is not commencement – and it should not be. We understand that there is no replacing an in-person commencement, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t celebrate the graduating members of our IMGD community in a creative way (we should and we did!)

What to expect

  • Completely free! (You don’t need to own Minecraft)
  • Opening remarks from the Dean of Arts & Sciences
  • A lighthearted, fun celebration of our IMGD class of 2020
  • Live-streamed ceremony/festivities
  • Parting words from faculty for each graduating student
  • Walk across the stage and receive a Minecraft diploma from your Professors
  • Great Music
  • Great Friends
  • Great (virtual) weather!
  • And more surprises..


The education edition server is now offline. If you own Minecraft Java Edition, you can check out the original map on the IGDA WPI Minecraft Server (



This process is not documented elsewhere, so we are leaving it for historical purposes.

  1. Install Minecraft Education Edition

    • NOTE: On Windows, if you would like to use your own custom skins, make sure to install the Windows Desktop version and NOT the Windows Store version
  2. Log in with your WPI Account
  3. Custom Skins (optional)
    We have created a Minecraft Graduation skin pack – you are welcome to use the default skins, the ones from this pack, or download/create your own!
    NOTE: If you intend on creating your own skin, we recommend trying that first. If you can’t get it working you can modify this skin pack instead, but it can not be re-imported a second time!


To create your own skin (or use a different one from the interwebs)

Thanks to Ralph Sutter for finding this easier method!

  1. We recommend using a Minecraft skin editor:
    • You can also download a base skin online and modify it in Photoshop, but working with the unwrapped skin is a bit more difficult
  2. Download the skin to your Desktop or another easily accessible location
  3. Rename your skin file to steve_dev.png if using the Classic skin base, or alex_dev.png if using a Slim base skin (if you’re unsure, make a copy and just overwrite both)
  4. Install your custom skins!
    • On Windows:
      • Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Studios\Minecraft Education Edition\data\skin_packs\edu\Developers
        • Can’t find it? Make sure you installed the Desktop and not Windows Store version
      • Replace the corresponding png files with your custom ones (simply drag & drop and confirm overwrite)
    • On Mac:
      • Open Minecraft Education Edition and log in
      • Open your Applications folder
      • Right click “Minecraft Education Edition” and select “Show File Contents”
      • Navigate to Contents > Resources > data > skin_packs > edu > Developers
      • Replace the corresponding png in that folder with yours (drag & drop, and confirm overwrite)
      • Close & Reopen Minecraft Education Edition
  5. You can now select your custom skins in-game (use the clothes-hanger icon on the menu)!



  • “App corrupted” on Mac:
    You forgot to open Minecraft EE before modifying the app files. You will need to delete the app and start over
  • I did everything to the letter and it didn’t work!
    Open the MCPack file in 7zip or equivalent, and overwrite the png files in there instead. Close 7zip and double click the MCPack file to install

    • Make sure you overwrite a file that is already there (1.png) and not add a new one
    • You can change the file extension to zip and back to mcpack after editing if you are having trouble